Digital Pets

(Formerly Touchbar Pets)

What is it?

Digital Pets is a virtual pet which lives on your desktop. You can walk it, design its pen and more!

ATTENTION: App Store version doesn't run on touchbar, please use legacy download below


How to.

Adopt Pet

To adopt a pet you first select 'Adopt pet' then it takes you to the screen where you can pick the name, type of pet (Dog, Cat, Rabbit) and the color of the coat (4 types).

Once that is done you click create and you just adopted a new pet!


The shop has 40+ items which can be bought with tokens, different items do different things. For example there is Food, Design equipment and toys. They can all be used for some action

To get money get take your pet on a walk and also stay alive to get paid!

Designing Pen

You can buy Design equipment from the shop and design your pen to your liking! Simply tap the touchbar to place and tap again to pick up.

Examples are not at the same time, as unable to record both screens


You can take your pet on a walk! This lets them poop, but make sure to pick it up! Litter can also be picked up for a reward and there is a chance of treasure dropping.

Examples are not at the same time, as unable to record both screens


Adds some objectives to the game! This keeps you busy tryna complete goals while looking after your pet.

Goals must be manually checked off, so no cheating!

... and so much more!

Privacy Policy

Check out Digital Pets (Formerly Touchbar Pets) Privacy Policy

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