Touchbar Pets FAQ

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Please dont be afraid to contact me if you have a problem which is not part of this FAQ!

1. Is it safe?

Yes! This app has been notarized by Apple, I am a verified developer with Apple and this app is signed to my name. Regarding privacy please head to

2. Why does it keep crashing?

This bug is really annoying and the cause is unknown, I have contacted Apple to see if this is a macOS error! Will try ASAP to fix.

FIXED: Please update to the newest version (1.2.4), the app should not crash anymore

3. Pet is not showing?

A weird bug! but make sure you are in 'Play' mode, if you are and that still hasnt fixed it click the Pen button twice and that might fix it! I'll be rolling out an update for this bug soon.

FIX: Go Settings>Keyboard then make sure "Touchbar shows" is "App Controls", Big thanks to @thetiinyone on Twitter

4. How do I increase my pets health?

Feed it!! Lots!! Keep feeding them and their health will increase when they are full

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