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What is it?

Stash helps bring your Crystals with you everywhere. It digitises them and recommends you one daily to take with you.

OR search 'Stash Crystal'


Create an Account

Before adding anything into a Stash you need an account! Be assured that Stash uses secure technology by Amazon.

Once that is done you login and the fun begins!


The homepage is a vibrant area where you are provided with Crystal recommendations from your stash to bring with you that day! Recommendations refresh daily.

Plus moon cycles and a news strip! So you're always up to date

Add to Stash

You can add your Crystal collection onto the the app easily! Adding it gives you information about the stone, including healing properties. You also take a photo of your crystal so it'll be there with you ... digitally!

If we don't have your stone in our catalog, you can create it yourself.

Your Stash

Your Stash showcases your crystals digitally. You can view them all here, seeing details of when you found it and it's healing properties.

Your stash is private, only you can see it!

... and so much more!

Privacy Policy

Check out Stash's Privacy Policy

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