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What is it?

ScoreUp is an app which allows you to keep score, best used for people to keep score of their friends from that 👻 app



OR search 'ScoreUp'


Simple. That's it!

Enter the score easily and instantly see insights on it's change

I honestly don't know what else to write here, it's that simple

Stores Nothing.

All the data you create stays on your device, we store NOTHING.

1 - ScoreUp | 0 - Facebook

Useful Insights

At a glace you can see changes for your score, plus a graph to see a visual representation

... and sooooo much more coming soon :)

... and so much more!

Privacy Policy

Check out ScoreUp's Privacy Policy

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Billi is a subscription reminder which manually allows you to enter subscriptions and once upcoming billi reminds you!

Check it out.