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What is it?

Billi is a subscription reminder which manually allows you to enter subscriptions and once upcoming billi reminds you!



OR search 'Billi'


Create an Account

Before adding anything into a Billi you need an account! Be assured that Billi uses secure technology by Amazon.

Once that is done you login and the fun begins!


The homepage is a vibrant area where you are provided insights from your subscriptions! Letting you know your spendings

You can also see any archived subscriptions too, got it all!

Add to Billi

You can add your subscriptions in the the app easily! Adding it gives you information, plus you get a reminder the day of!

Tip: You can specify category! That'll come in handy in the future ;)


View your upcoming reminders easily and simple ... as it should be! Plus see basic stats from the last 7-90days of spending!

Everything is private, only you can see it!

... and so much more!

Privacy Policy

Check out Billi's Privacy Policy

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